Sausage sandwich

We had a bit of a treat the other week – we went and bought some meat! One of the stalls at the farmers market sells venison, and his meat is lovely. He’s very local – I often see his deer running round the fields just waiting to be turned into bambi-burgers, and I know from past experience that all his products are lovely.

We decided to buy some sausages for a quick dinner one night, and got the venison and mushroom sausages that are my favourites. I like venison sausages because they have almost no fat, no grissly bits, and are very tasty.

The husband was flicking throught the good food website looking for a soup recipe for me, and decided to have a bit of a browse. He came across this very lovely way of doing sausages. I have to say, it’s very probable that now, every time I have sausages, I’ll do them like this.




ciabatta, split and toasted

1 onion, sliced

1 tbsp each of honey, balsamic vinegar, mustard


fry the sausages in a pan until they are cooked. pop them on a plate

fry the onions in the sausage juices, till they are soft and cooked as you like them.

stir in the honey, mustard, and vinegar and warm through

add in the sausages and coat well and warm them through too.

pile the sausages and onion mix into the ciabatta.


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