In a bit of a pickle

Well, chutney actually, but ‘In a bit of a chutney‘ doesn’t have the same ring to it!

Autumn means one thing in the house of Sutherland – it means it’s time to make chutney and preserves from the last of the free/cheap glut of fruit and veg from summer.

This year I finally got my hands on the Oded Schwartz book ‘Preserving’ that I had been after for yonks. If you can get a copy, do. It is positively the best preserving book ever. Unfortunately it is out of print now, and the copies that are around can change hands for silly money. It is worth checking both ebay and amazon for a cheaper copy.

Oded Schwartz - Preserving

Armed with my copy of the hallowed book, I checked out what i had – Onions, apples, tomatoes, more apples. I decided on apple chutney, tomato chutney, and followed Oded’s recipes for both. I’m told the resultant chutney are lovely. I’ve never tried chutney before, but find the vinegar smell from chutney overpowering, no matter how mild it actually is, and as I’m a wimp with new food, I’ve never dared try it. So I gave all the chutney away as part of my Christmas hampers. It looked good though, and at least two of my sister in law have told me they love it, so that’s good enough for me!


With the onions and more of the apples I made Onion marmalade – also from Oded Shwartz. My brothers wife is addicted to this stuff, and, I think, would happily swim in a vat of it.  Needless to say a jar of Onion marmalade doesn’t last long in her house – she once spent an entire day finding new things to eat it with. This is another recipe from the Oded Schwartz book but it is readily available online… here (you have to scroll down a bit) It’s easy to make but time consuming.

Onion Marmalade

With the apples I made aoms apple chilli jelly – also from Oded. This was a real surprise. I tentatively tasted a little and immediatly got the sweet, refreshing apple, follwed a couple of seconds later by a big wallop of chilli. I love it with cheese, as you get the apple, the chilli, and then the cheese takes the heat of the chilli away – it truly makes for blissful eating…

Apple-chilli jelly

all in all a successful useage of fruit and veg!

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