Biscuit Cake

I found a leftover Christmas present the other day. The veg man at the farmers market had very generously, and totally unexpectedly given us a tin of Danish biscuits at Christmas.  Although I was touched by the thought, I really don’t like these biscuits, so they’d gone to the back of the cupboard. When I found them again, I felt the time had come to make use of them – the easiest option being a biscuit cake.

These are, of course, the easiest things to make, simply melt chocolate with a little butter and syrup, and mix with crushed biscuits, a handful of raisins, some chopped nuts, whatever floats your boat really!

To get this shape, I tipped a square tin up 45degrees, and lined it with clingfilm, then packed the mix into the corner at the bottom. When it was turned out, the coner became the top etc… Sweet chocolatey and more-ish, it ticked all the boxes, and didn’t last long!


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Chocolate Fudge

With all the snow today, I decided to make some fudge, i have no idea why really.  I have a really good recipe for fudge which never fails me…

1 1/2 lb sugar

4oz butter

6floz evaporated milk

5 oz dark chocolate (although i have used white in the past and it’s very good)

1 tsp mint or ginger essence

Put everything except the mint or ginger in a big pan, and stir, over a lowish heat until it’s all melted.

Bring it to the boil, then boil it for 10-15 mins, until a small amount dropped into a bowl of cold water forms a soft ball.

Take it off the heat and leave it for 5 mins.

Then add in the flavouring, and beat the fudge for a couple of mins until it’s thick and smooth.

Pour it into a tray. Mark out squares.

When it’s properly cold, the fudge will snap slong the squares you’ve marked out….


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